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Guided by our unwavering convictions, we seamlessly invest our capital in exclusive opportunities in line with our expertise. Established in 2003 in Singapore as EuroFin Asia, our firm was founded with the vision of connecting European capital with Asian investment prospects. This vision has been successfully realized, with c.a. US$ 15 billion deployed in secured debt and direct investments in real asset businesses across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. Throughout the past two decades, we have transformed and rebranded ourselves as EFA Invest—a theme-oriented and agile investment company. Our primary objective is to identify undervalued opportunities across sectors and geographies where we possess a proven track record and expertise. At EFA Invest, we employ a combination of investment vehicles to focus on our preferred sustainable investment themes, such as real estate, agriculture, and microfinance. We diligently source, evaluate, and invite like-minded investors to co-invest alongside our own capital in opportunities that offer stable and consistent long-term performance. Our investment approach encompasses a blend of secured debt and principal investments. We extend investment and co-investment opportunities exclusively to accredited investors who share our investment goals. Furthermore, EFA Invest operates under a capital market service license issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, held by EuroFin Investments Pte Ltd.

Our Track Record

Our Investments

Singapore Commercial Real Estate 

Our investment strategy revolves around Grade A Strata-Titled offices in Singapore's highly sought-after Central Business District (CBD). We aim to capitalize on the limited supply and increasing demand for premium office spaces in this prime location. By focusing on Grade A offices known for their superior quality and prestigious addresses, we cater to businesses operating in Singapore. Moreover, we remain flexible to explore opportunities in commercial real estate beyond the CBD, leveraging evolving market dynamics and potential growth areas.

Financial Inclusion

We designed a strategy investing in a portfolio of short and medium-term loans to leading banks and financial institutions operating in Developing Asia, providing investors a unique exposure to the region through an innovative investment strategy. Leveraging on an expanding funding gap in the region, the opportunity aims to make a positive development impact by providing access to credit, which is a major driver for inclusive economic growth.

Agricultural Assets 

Explore exceptional investment opportunities in the agricultural sector with our esteemed expertise in managing farms in Romania and Ukraine.  Leveraging our deep knowledge and experience, we navigate the complexities of the agricultural landscape, ensuring sustainable growth and attractive returns for our esteemed investors. Partner with us to capitalize on the vast potential of these thriving markets, where our skilled team maximizes value and cultivates success.

Public Markets

We propose unique investment solutions, combining fundamental analysis, technical analysis reflecting the market sentiment, and quantitative analysis to optimize the portfolio’s expected return and volatility in adequacy with the investor’s needs. We developed our algorithms in house, and designed solutions for every need and goal, from wealth conservation to aggressive returns seeking.

Our Team

If you wish to know more about our investment opportunities or co-invest alongside us, drop an email to

8 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central #14-91, Singapore 059818

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